rugplot: scatterplots#


Select a csv file in the Table dropdown list, select the columns to create the scatter plot in the Select columns box and select scatter in the Technique drop down list. In the screenshot below, the iris.csv file has been selected and three variables. The scatter form is displayed on the right-side panel.

Selected data for a scatter plot

To create a scatterplot two parameters in the aesthetics section must be provided, x and y.

Required parameters for a scatter plot

Finally, running the technique by clicking on the Run technique button will produce a scatterplot.

Iris scatter plot

The results tab shows the R source code used to generate the plot.

Additional documentation#

The other fields in the form are optional. In particular, to create the scatterplots, the geom_point() function from ggplot2 is used. Thus, the Aestethics fields are based on the aesthetics that geom_point accepts. The aesthetic specifications can be found in the cran or tidyverse documentation.

Generic descriptions of the different sections of the form such as Aesthetics, Attributes, Color manual, Facets, Plot labels, Save, Theme, legend Key properties and Column/Variable names can be found in the